Parking FAQ's

Parking FAQ's

At this time, parking tickets can only be paid in person or mailed to:  

City of Menasha Police Department      or   City of Menasha
Attn: Traffic Clerk             Attn: Finance Department
430 First Street   100 Main Street STE 200
Menasha, WI 54952   Menasha, WI 54952

If you wish to dispute a parking ticket, please fill out the Parking Citation Review Form and submit in person, by mail to the Menasha Police Department (listed above), or by email within the form.

Are parking spaces in city lots available on a monthly rental basis?

What are the fees for illegal parking?

Where can a citizen legally park?

What are the regulations covering overnight parking?

Contact Information


Menasha Police Department 
430 First Street
Menasha, Wisconsin 54952

Phone: 920-967-3500
Fax: 920-967-5145

Office Hours:
Open 24 Hours 
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